10 Tips to Get Healthy While Traveling

10 Tips to Get Healthy While Traveling

Many of you will be traveling to state meetings, national conferences, or vacation destinations in the upcoming months. Check out our 10 tips to get healthy while traveling! #FCCLAgetshealthy

  1. Stay hydrated. Traveling dehydrates you. Set a goal to drink a bottle of water for each hour that you are flying or waiting in the airport.
  2. Buy a reusable water bottle. Pick out a decorative water bottle to help motivate you to stay hydrated. This comes in handy because you don’t have to buy a new bottle each time you run out of water. Fill it up at a water fountain, and as a bonus you are also practicing those Financial Fitness skills!
  3. Stretch it out. Take 15 minutes at home before your flight or find a space in the terminal and do some stretching. You will feel much more relaxed and comfortable when you sit in those cramped airplane seats.
  4. Keep your blood flowing. Traveling often involves a lot of sitting, whether it’s in a car, bus, train, or plane. Try to move around as much as possible when you have the chance. If you’re not lugging around a big suitcase, try taking the stairs, which is a great way to keep your blood flowing and get in a few extra steps.
  5. Avoid candy. While traveling, you may feel tempted to buy a candy bar to snack on because you think it will provide you with energy to power through the trip. Don’t be fooled! Sugary candy provides short-term energy. The next time you are on the road or at the airport, choose a healthy snack with long-term energy such as a piece of fruit or granola bar.
  6. Plan your meals ahead of time. While traveling, it is easy to grab a quick snack or a meal that is unhealthy. Planning your meals in advance can make it easier to make healthy choices. This will help ensure that you are eating a proper amount of food.
  7. Combat caffeine cravings. When going to the airport, it’s always fun to get a coffee drink to post on your Instagram or Snapchat, but don’t forget that many of those drinks are full of calories and sugar! There are great, low-calorie options like a skinny vanilla latte or a nonfat caramel macchiato.
  8. Stay healthy. While traveling, it is easy to get sick. Carry hand sanitizer to keep from catching unneeded germs. Though it’s tough, do as much physical activity when traveling as possible.  This helps to keep your immune system up, and it also helps you sleep better at night.
  9. Relax. Traveling can be stressful for some. Bring things to occupy your time such as reading materials or a digital music device, which will help you cope with stress and relax before and during your trip.
  10. Get plenty of sleep. Sometimes you’ll have to wake up early to get on a flight, so make sure that you get to bed early and set an alarm. If you’re still tired, take a nap on the way to your destination.

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