Airline Travel Tips for NLC!

Airline Travel Tips for NLC

 FCCLA members will travel from all over the country to attend the 2016 National Leadership Conference. While flying is exciting for some, it is extremely stressful for others. Follow the tips below to arrive in San Diego relaxed and ready to take on NLC!

  1. Make your luggage stand out – In a sea of blue, red & black suitcases, it is often hard to pick yours from the bunch. Attaching a unique pin, ribbon or bow can make it easy to identify your luggage and lowers your chance of someone accidentally grabbing your bag.
  2. Clean out your carry-on – Before packing, completely clear out your bag to eliminate losing items that you did not know were in there. Aerosols, nail scissors, etc. For a full list of TSA’s prohibited items, click here.
  3. Organize your carry-on – If you are one of the many flyers who experience anxiety while going through TSA, make sure to organize your carry-on for a breezy trip through the line. Start by packing your electronics together in a single compartment of your bag. This will cut down the time that it takes for the x-ray to identify the objects in your bag and limits the chance of having your bag pulled by TSA for a manual check.
  4. Be aware of your plane behavior – Blocking the aisle to search for items in your bag during boarding can delay the entire plane. Pack a small “must-have” bag for all of your in flight needs.
  5. Take advantage of in-flight snacks – If you are fortunate to be on a flight that offers snacks and beverages, make sure to grab a snack even if you are not hungry at the moment. By the time you claim your luggage, travel to your hotel, check-in and unpack, you will likely have worked up an appetite. You will be happy to find the snack that you tossed in your carry-on when your stomach starts to grumble.
  6. Turbulence terrors – If you are terrified of turbulence during travel, try slightly shaking your body when you hit rough air. Due to the aircraft movement, no one will notice! Your movement will counteract that of the aircraft and will lessen effects of turbulence. 🙂

Safe travels and have a wonderful time at #2016NLC!

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