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Alumni Highlights, January 2016

Nathon Taylor, National Vice-President of Membership

Through FCCLA’s Alumni & Associates program, members can expand the Ultimate Leadership Experience into their post-high school years. FCCLA has produced millions of successful entrepreneurs, educators, and people who have taken many more career pathways. This month, we want to highlight Carli Fenus, a former chapter officer from Mountain View, Wyoming. Carli served as the president of the Mountain View High School FCCLA chapter from 2014-2015. She inspired hundreds of leaders within Mountain View during her service.

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Currently, Carli leads a very busy life. She works with a local group that provides opportunities for those with disabilities and plans on attending college soon. Check out the full interview with Carli Fenus below:

How has life been after FCCLA? How has it helped you in your daily life?

Life after FCCLA has been great, but I sure do miss all of the trips and the thrill of competing! I feel that FCCLA has better prepared me for everyday life by strengthening my social skills, my problem solving skills, and my outlook on everything. FCCLA has taught me to analyze things from a different angle and that messing up is a part of learning, not failing.

Are you excited to Unite in Red in 2018? What do you think this means for the organization?

I am WAY excited for FCCLA to Unite in Red! I think that it’s awesome that members will all be able to unite in the signature red. It is amazing to be a part of such a great organization.

What is your favorite thing about living in Wyoming?

My favorite thing about living in Wyoming is the open spaces. I love being able to drive out in the country any time that I want, see the beautiful sunsets, and enjoy the fresh air. I also love the people. You never have to worry about needing help because someone is always quick to offer assistance.

Now for a fun question. If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be? Why?

If I could meet any celebrity, I would like to meet Lindsey Stirling. I can’t think of anyone better to look up to. I chose her because she has gone through tough times, but she didn’t let that define her nor did she conform to the world when things around her began to change. She stayed true to herself, so that’s who I would like to meet.

Thanks again to Carli for taking time to talk with us. You are a great representation of the Ultimate Leadership Experience, and we cannot wait to see what else you will accomplish!


Nathon Taylor, National Vice-President of Membership

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