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INSIDE: #FCCLAattheTable Holiday Meals

#FCCLAattheTable: Holiday Meals By Dedan McFadden, VP of Programs ‘Tis the holiday season! Here are a few tips for your upcoming holiday meals to make this holiday season the best yet. So grab a few of your friends and family, use these tips, and create some epic meals this holiday season! Bring a shopping list. Always go […]

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INSIDE: Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight By Uriel Martinez, VP of Membership For this month’s alumni recognition, we have some very special individuals who served on the 2013-2014 National Executive Council. Brian Will, Former National President  During Brian’s time in FCCLA, he served as a chapter president, two-time state officer for Virginia FCCLA, and 2013-2014 National FCCLA President. He is […]

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INSIDE: The Youth of Today Leading the World Tomorrow

The Youth of Today Leading the World Tomorrow By Victoria Connor, First VP We’ve all heard the Golden Rule, the rule that is passed down generation to generation, the rule that has influenced many of us: treat others the way you wish to be treated. One rule that most people may not have heard is the […]

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INSIDE: Thanksgiving with the NEC

Thanksgiving with the NEC By Brittany Hastings, VP of Parliamentary Law Ten different people from very different backgrounds unite together to share their family’s traditions with you on this wonderful holiday! Our day begins with a pancake and bacon breakfast in the great state of Texas with Brittany Hastings and her family. While they are eating, Lauren’s family […]

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Featured Blog: Fuel Your Body for Success

Fuel Your Body for Success by Peter Lehmuller, Ed.D., Dean of Johnson & Wales University’s College of Culinary Arts Today, the connection between diet and health has become a part of our everyday conversation.  You’ve probably heard of the “freshman fifteen”, a reference to the weight gain college students experience when living away from home […]

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INSIDE: Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight  By Dedan McFadden, VP of Programs This month, the NEC would like to highlight Mia Hallyburton from Georgia! Mia is a junior at Oconee County High School, and currently serves as the Georgia State Historian. She has competed in Chapter in Review Portfolio and joined FCCLA because she aspires to become a teacher. Mia’s favorite part […]

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INSIDE: Cha Ching! Raising Money for Your Local Chapter

Cha Ching! Raising Money for Your Local Chapter By Carter Bracht, VP of Finance It’s that busy time of year when school has started, FCCLA conferences begin, and projects are put into motion. But what do you do when you’ve hit a roadblock and don’t have any funds to support these FCCLA activities? That is where fundraising comes […]

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Selling FCCLA  By Shelby Lake, VP of Development Finding a partner or sponsor for an event or project can be truly challenging at times. Use some of these tips to help unlock Unlimited Possibilities with a business in your community! Know the Business When looking for a partner for an event or project, you should look for a business […]

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INSIDE: FCCLA Speaks UP – Issues Facing Today’s Teens

FCCLA Speaks UP – Issues Facing Today’s Teens By Shyamala Subramanian, VP of Competitive Events Too much to do but not enough time? Here are some ways to handle your stress! When the school year rolls around, most of us aren’t adjusted to hopping out of bed at the sound of our 6:00 AM alarms. For […]

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Featured Blog: Speak UP to STOP Bullying

Speak Up to STOP Bullying By Josh Bowar, Featured Writer In many parts of the country, October means changing leaves, colder weather, football, and pumpkin spice lattes. But did you know that October is also National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month? According to, bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves a real or […]

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