INSIDE: Behind the Scenes of Headquarters

Behind the Scenes of Headquarters

By Makayla Hendricks, National Vice-President of Public Relations

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the doors of 1910 Association Drive, Reston, Virginia? Yes, it’s full of offices, computers, and conference rooms, but there’s a lot more to it. Let’s take a look inside the rich history this building provides.

Construction began on the building in 1981, and Future Homemakers of America moved in during August of 1982. The architects of the National Headquarters building were also the creators of the Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.

There are three meeting rooms at Headquarters, and each was named for the states that donated the most money during the building fund drive:  Oklahoma, Washington, and Utah. On the walls in the Oklahoma rooms are several lists of honor roll names. These individuals, chapters, corporations, and states contributed money to the building fund.

Weddings were once held at the national headquarters building, so if you’re looking for your dream spot, this could be it! The dogwood trees in the back of the building, the terrace, and the Oklahoma room served as locations for ceremonies and receptions.

Folk art was previously received by the organization and is located throughout the building. States submitted pictures and descriptions of items they wanted to be considered for display. Then a folk art committee decided which items were approved. For any item to be considered, it had to be hand-crafted in the United States. Some folk art items donated include:

  • Banjo, Alabama
  • Cornhusk Dolls, Iowa
  • Candlesticks, North Carolina
  • Ceramic Tortilla Maker, Texas
  • Flying Geese Quilt, West Virginia

The Virginia state association donated a grandfather clock for the National Headquarters building.  However, it is not included in the folk art collection because the inside mechanisms were manufactured in Germany. The clock still chimes in the building today.

This two-story building is a joy to attend. As national officers, it was our dream to visit Headquarters. The memories we’ve had there will last us a lifetime.  I encourage you to visit if you get a chance!

Makayla Hendricks, National Vice-President of Public Relations

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