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Featured Blog: Using our Gifts to Serve the Community

Using our Gifts to Serve the Community We Serve and Lead in Red! #FCCLAUplifts By Josh Bowar, Featured Writer Think about these questions for a few minutes: What makes you you? What are you good at? How are you different from others? What unique abilities do you have? Now that you’ve thought about those things for […]

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Featured Blog: FCCLA Join UP!

FCCLA Join UP! By Josh Bowar, Featured Writer The holidays are over, it’s time to head back to school, and 2017 is still fresh. So what should we be doing? The communication theme for January is FCCLA Join UP. What does that mean? Something new! Let’s check out a new year, a new you, and new […]

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Featured Blog: Fuel Your Body for Success

Fuel Your Body for Success by Peter Lehmuller, Ed.D., Dean of Johnson & Wales University’s College of Culinary Arts Today, the connection between diet and health has become a part of our everyday conversation.  You’ve probably heard of the “freshman fifteen”, a reference to the weight gain college students experience when living away from home […]

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Featured Blog: FCCLA PSA – Speak Up and Spread the Word

FCCLA PSA – Speak Up and Spread the Word By Josh Bowar, Featured Writer What’s an easy way to spread the word about career pathways? How can you let others know about FCCLA? Check out the new FCCLA public service announcement (PSA)! FCCLA filmed a PSA in order to show the benefits of career and technical […]

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Airline Travel Tips for NLC!

Airline Travel Tips for NLC  FCCLA members will travel from all over the country to attend the 2016 National Leadership Conference. While flying is exciting for some, it is extremely stressful for others. Follow the tips below to arrive in San Diego relaxed and ready to take on NLC! Make your luggage stand out – […]

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Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence in Education

Mrs. Rita Tucker of Paducah ISD was celebrated on Saturday, May 28th with a retirement reception. The large crowd included co-workers, family, community friends and former students. Mrs. Tucker started her education career in Paducah, TX in 1976 as the Home Economics teacher. Through her forty years in education, she has positively impacted the lives […]

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