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#FCCLAgetshealthy: The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

#FCCLAgetshealthy: The Seven Dimensions of Wellness By Maddie Comer, VP of Parliamentary Law As summer approaches, have you been thinking about your Student Body lately? When most people hear the word healthy, their mind immediately goes to the physical aspects of health. While health encompasses a person’s physical qualities, it also includes emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, […]

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INSIDE: Five Tips for Making a Good First Impression

Five Tips for Making a Good First Impression By Zack Love, VP of Development You never get a second chance, the saying goes, to make a first impression. It turns out you may not even get that. Within 50 milliseconds of seeing someone’s face, you unconsciously make decisions that will influence your interactions. These first impressions are […]

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INSIDE: How to Have a Successful #FCCLAWeek

How to Have a Successful #FCCLAWeek By Zack Love, VP of Development FCCLA Week is one of my favorite times of the year! It allows members from all over the country to come together and celebrate FCCLA. Each day of FCCLA Week is a new opportunity to do something amazing! Whether it be promoting FCCLA on […]

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#FCCLAcareers By Stephen Goodman, VP of Membership FCCLA has specifically aligned our STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) Events with four different career clusters: Human Services, Hospitality and Tourism, Education and Training, Visual Arts and Design. Each of these career clusters is associated with a list of suggested career fields. To help members prepare for […]

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INSIDE: !nspired by FCCLA

!nspired by FCCLA By Stephen Goodman, VP of Membership Every year, thousands of members come together to rally around leadership. This year, we’ll all be !nspired by FCCLA at the National Leadership Conference! The reach of FCCLA goes beyond its members and the National Leadership Conference. Numerous organizations have the opportunity to partner with this one-of-a-kind […]

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  #FCCLAFamily By Caroline Caldwell, VP of Competitive Events FCCLA’s central focus on the family is a large part of what drew me to the organization originally. My family is an incredibly diverse group of people. Because of adoption, we get to see new perspectives that we wouldn’t get to experience otherwise. We’ve also learned to […]

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INSIDE: #FCCLAgives: How to Lend a Helping Hand

#FCCLAgives: How to Lend a Helping Hand By Alexis Peeper, VP of Community Service  As an FCCLA member, I have always had a strong sense of family and giving back. With the start of the holiday season this month, what better organization is there to be a part of when our central focus is the family? […]

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INSIDE: 5 Tips for Making Your Personal Social Media Super Amazing!

5 Tips for Making Your Personal Social Media Super Amazing! By Ashley Turner, VP of Public Relations Social media has taken the world by storm and has become a key aspect of the average American’s life, being the source for news, entertainment, music, and pretty much everything else! I love posting on social media. It’s fun, […]

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INSIDE: Kindness Matters, #FCCLAcares

Kindness Matters, #FCCLAcares By Sydney Goldston, First VP As members of FCCLA, we strive to improve our families, schools, and communities. Whether it be through community service projects, peer-to-peer education, or any of the other great opportunities available, FCCLA members are constantly finding ways to show they care! FCCLA is the only Career and Technical Student […]

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My FCCLA Story By Dedan McFadden, VP of Programs My story begins with a simple push. Like many before me, my journey started when I was pushed to find a leadership position in my school. I was a naive, but ambitious sixth grader. At this moment in my life, I felt like I had the entire world […]

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