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INSIDE: Flex Your Financial Fitness at the FCCLA Store

Flex Your Financial Fitness at the FCCLA Store By Carter Bracht, VP of Finance While many of you are exercising your Financial Fitness knowledge by putting your money towards savings, it is still acceptable give yourself a little gift every once in awhile! But what could you buy? How about some awesome merchandise from the […]

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INSIDE: NEC Highlight – Where Are They Now?

NEC Highlight – Where Are They Now? By Rylie Seaver,  National President In this blog post, we are highlighting last year’s National FCCLA President, Josh Sorbe. Keep reading to see what he is doing this year in this edition of “Where Are They Now?”! Where are you attending school? J: I’m proudly attending the University of […]

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My FCCLA Story By Shelby Lake,  VP of Development Summer was over, and school was beginning again. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in middle school, but I was excited for a new adventure. As the first day started, I heard there was an FCCLA ice cream social. Just like a normal middle schooler, I […]

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INSIDE: FCCLA Week is Around the Corner!

FCCLA Week is Around the Corner! By Kayla Gullickson,  VP of Community Service FCCLA week is coming up next month! Are you ready? February 13-17, 2017, is going to be a week full of fun, a week full of all things FCCLA. The week will start off with a focus on Family. So pull UP a chair […]

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INSIDE: Which STAR Event is your Perfect Fit?

Which STAR Event is your Perfect Fit? By Shyamala Subramanian,  VP of Competitive Events With so many STAR Events to choose from, you may be wondering which one will make you shine! Prior to selecting a STAR Event, determine the aspects of your life and personality that you would like to showcase. Perhaps you want to show the […]

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INSIDE: Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy By Uriel Martinez,  VP of Membership When you hear the word legacy, what do you think of? You may think of our awesome FCCLA advisers. You may think about the talented state and national officers. Or you may think of someone’s reputation. The word legacy can have very different meanings, depending on what you […]

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INSIDE: Making a Difference Every Day

Making a Difference Every Day By Kayla Gullickson, VP of Community Service As the holiday season comes to a close, it doesn’t mean that the time to give back has ended. Giving back and helping others is something important to do all year because need knows no season. Giving back can show itself through various activities. There […]

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INSIDE: #FCCLAattheTable Holiday Meals

#FCCLAattheTable: Holiday Meals By Dedan McFadden, VP of Programs ‘Tis the holiday season! Here are a few tips for your upcoming holiday meals to make this holiday season the best yet. So grab a few of your friends and family, use these tips, and create some epic meals this holiday season! Bring a shopping list. Always go […]

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INSIDE: Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight By Uriel Martinez, VP of Membership For this month’s alumni recognition, we have some very special individuals who served on the 2013-2014 National Executive Council. Brian Will, Former National President  During Brian’s time in FCCLA, he served as a chapter president, two-time state officer for Virginia FCCLA, and 2013-2014 National FCCLA President. He is […]

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INSIDE: The Youth of Today Leading the World Tomorrow

The Youth of Today Leading the World Tomorrow By Victoria Connor, First VP We’ve all heard the Golden Rule, the rule that is passed down generation to generation, the rule that has influenced many of us: treat others the way you wish to be treated. One rule that most people may not have heard is the […]

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