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FCCLA Week: Ideas on How to Get involved Makayla Hendricks, National V.P. of Public Relations   February 7th-13rd of 2016 is FCCLA Week and it’s coming up next week! If you haven’t started planning fun and exciting things to do with your chapter, it’s not too late. This is a great week to get your members […]

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INSIDE: The Fight for Family and Consumer Sciences Education

The Fight for Family and Consumer Sciences Education By Monica Jones, National Vice-President of Development   You’ve heard it a million times. “I wish my high school had offered a class where I learned how to balance a checkbook.” “I can graph an inverse function, but I can’t file my own taxes.” “High schools should […]

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INSIDE: Recover from the Holiday Season Financially

How to Recover from the Holiday Season Financially By Rohit Iyer, National Vice-President of Finance   We’ve all had that same feeling before: after giving gifts to family and friends, you experience a sense of elation that lasts for a long time. At least, you think it does. Often, we lose this feeling as soon as […]

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INSIDE: Alumni Highlights

Alumni Highlights, January 2016 Nathon Taylor, National Vice-President of Membership Through FCCLA’s Alumni & Associates program, members can expand the Ultimate Leadership Experience into their post-high school years. FCCLA has produced millions of successful entrepreneurs, educators, and people who have taken many more career pathways. This month, we want to highlight Carli Fenus, a former […]

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INSIDE: Be a STAR Through Competitive Events

Be a STAR Through Competitive Events Stephanie Zhang, Vice-President of Competitive Events Excitement. Creativity. Problem solving. Leadership. Advocacy. Recognition. If any of these words spark your interest, I highly encourage you to compete in a STAR Event! STAR Event stands for “Students Taking Action with Recognition” and FCCLA first introduced these competitive events in July […]

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INSIDE: Ringing in the New Year

10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…Happy FCCLA Year! By Josh Sorbe, National President 2016 is almost here! How will you be ringing it in? I’ll be watching the big ball drop in Times Square with some friends as well as recovering from holiday swim training. Whether you’re welcoming 2016 with friends, family, or solo, a new year means an opportunity […]

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INSIDE: Celebrating the Holidays with the NEC!

Celebrating the Holidays with the NEC! This is a wonderful time of year! However you celebrate it, there’s many magical things to do. All of the NEC members have different family traditions. Take a look! “My family tradition is making hot chocolate for everyone and then playing Monopoly! It gets super competitive, but it’s one […]

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INSIDE: What’s Your Leadership Style

What’s Your Leadership Style? By Allyson Monson, National First Vice-President Have you ever wondered, “What is the perfect leadership style?” Maybe you reflected on some of our greatest leaders of our time, such as Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey, and thought their leadership style is the best? Have you ever thought of yourself as having […]

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INSIDE: Spotlights!

SPOTLIGHTS! Makayla Hendricks, National Vice President of Public Relations Member: Our member spotlight is Kendra Michael from the West Lyon FCCLA Chapter in Iowa. She’s done significant work in Haiti, selling duct tape flower pens to raise funds to pay for her travel expenses so she can help those in need. Once she got to […]

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INSIDE: 15 Ways to Serve This Holiday Season

15 Ways to Serve this Holiday Season Gabriella Cutruzzula, National Vice-President of Community Service FCCLA members know it’s important to serve in their community every day. During the holiday season, you have even more opportunities to serve! Check out these 15 simple ways you and your family can serve together. Try one, two, or even […]

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