Featured Blog: Using our Gifts to Serve the Community

Using our Gifts to Serve the Community

We Serve and Lead in Red! #FCCLAUplifts

By Josh Bowar, Featured Writer

Think about these questions for a few minutes: What makes you you? What are you good at? How are you different from others? What unique abilities do you have?

Now that you’ve thought about those things for a few minutes, I want you to take out a blank sheet of paper. Set a timer for two minutes, and write without stopping. Use the four questions you thought about as a guide. Don’t stop writing until the timer is up!

Got a full page now? Good! Now go back through and circle what you think are key words, the most important words you wrote.

After you’ve finished circling the key words, read them over a few times. Do you notice any patterns? What is starting to stick out? What did you learn about yourself?

It’s pretty likely that the key words you found relate to your gifts. Gifts are things that each of us have, they are the talents that you have because of the way that you are. They include your personality, abilities, thoughts, emotions, and more. They are what make you you!

So why are gifts so important when it comes to serving and leading others? Today is all about serving and leading in red and how #FCCLAUplifts. You do that every day just through the gifts that you offer others.

How can you offer these gifts to others? First, you need to know what your gifts are. Congratulations, you just did that! Then you need to put your gifts into action. How can you use what you have to serve and lead others? Click here for a blank copy of The Planning Process, FCCLA’s handy tool that helps you work through the different steps of putting an idea into action. I challenge you to fill one of these out based on how you can serve and lead others with your gifts. Then put your plan into action!

If you’d like to learn more about your gifts, check out these helpful links:





Now get out there and UPlift others, FCCLA!

Josh Bowar, Featured Writer

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