INSIDE: 5 Tips for Making Your Personal Social Media Super Amazing!

5 Tips for Making Your Personal Social Media Super Amazing!

By Ashley Turner, VP of Public Relations

Social media has taken the world by storm and has become a key aspect of the average American’s life, being the source for news, entertainment, music, and pretty much everything else!

I love posting on social media. It’s fun, but it does have its drawbacks. Now, all a potential employer has to do to find out more information about you is Google your name and everything about you can suddenly pop up! Every post you’ve ever made is right at their fingertips. The same goes for college admissions counselors, scholarship committees, family members, and anyone else seeking information about you. That’s why it is so important that our social media accounts make us look like superstars.

Here are my five tips for making your personal social media super amazing!

  1. Brag about yourself!- Although the wise Kendrick Lamar had it right when he said, “Be humble”, it’s perfectly okay to brag about your accomplishments online! When your future college admissions counselor searches for you, how awesome would it be for the first thing they see to be the things you’ve worked hard to achieve? Just got inducted to National Honor’s Society? Post about it! Just won a quiz bowl tournament? Post about it! Let the world see the amazing things you’ve done!
  2. Beware of “mocktails”- People believe what they see. You may be posting something completely innocent, but based on how it appears, someone may believe a totally different scenario is at play. For example, we all know the connotation behind a red Solo cup. You may post a picture of you and a friend at a BBQ, drinking a cup of lemonade. However, your future employer doesn’t know that lemonade is inside that cup! The list could go on and on of scenarios like this. Make sure that your profile lets people see the great person you truly are!
  3. Your bio is your first impression- When looking at your social media profile, the first thing a person will read is your biography, so make it sound good! Include your favorite quote or saying, a title or position you hold, and maybe even a future goal. Even if your account is on a private setting, everyone can read your bio. Be sure it paints a great picture of who you are!
  4. People can see your “likes” too!- Obviously when you “share” or “retweet” something, it attaches itself to your profile. However, people can easily see the posts you “like” as well. Your account may be spotless, but someone can still form a bad opinion of you if you “like” things that are contradictory to the kind of person people see you as!
  5. Don’t forget to have fun- This may seem like a lot to take in, but I definitely don’t want you to feel like you can’t simply post about the things that make you happy! Don’t be afraid to post fun pictures of you and your friends. While future employers want to see that you’re a great student, they also want to see that you’re a well-rounded teenager, too.


Ashley Turner, VP of Public Relations

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