INSIDE: Advocating with State and Local Government

Advocating with State and Local Government

Nathon Taylor,  National Vice-President of Membership


Have you ever heard the term, “Perkins Funding”? If not, this is the perfect time to become more informed! The Perkins Fund, often referred to as the Carl D. Perkins Fund, exists to financially support Career and Technical Education courses as well as activities through them like FCCLA! Since the funds founding, Perkins funding has been cut by millions of dollars, making it more important than ever that FCCLA members across the Nation to rally for the importance of Career and Technical Education (CTE). Here are some ideas for what YOU can do within your area!

  • Visit your local town council and school board meetings and discuss the importance of CTE’s. Gather others from classes like Agriculture, Welding, and Culinary Arts to help you with the presentation. These officials really do want to know what you have to say. Attending these meetings lets them know that you truly care about your education!
  • If you didn’t already during FCCLA week, get an official proclamation of FCCLA week in your local community and state! This will make the second week of February an official week of celebration within your town and state!
  • Perhaps the single best thing that you can do is have an active chapter! Let the community know that you are a there! Hold community, school, and chapter events frequently and make sure to publish an article in the paper after each event comes to a conclusion. If your local officials see what FCCLA can do for the community and how it turns students into leaders, then they will surely advocate for Perkins funding.

I can’t wait to see what all of you can do to empower those around you. Get out there and share your passion for CTE and FCCLA with others! Good luck, and happy funding!


Nathon Taylor,  National Vice-President of Membership


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