INSIDE: Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

By Uriel Martinez, VP of Membership

For this month’s alumni recognition, we have some very special individuals who served on the 2013-2014 National Executive Council.

Brian Will, Former National President 

During Brian’s time in FCCLA, he served as a chapter president, two-time state officer for Virginia FCCLA, and 2013-2014 National FCCLA President. He is currently a junior at the College of William & Mary in Virginia and is majoring in math, with the goal of becoming a high school math teacher. While at William & Mary, he is involved in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, he’s a freshmen small group leader, and he was recently selected for the executive team. He is still involved with FCCLA and is the president-elect of the Virginia FCCLA Alumni & Associates Executive Board.

Noah Brook, Former National VP of Programs 

Noah has served as the 2013-2014 National FCCLA Vice-President of Programs. Before his time as a national officer, he served as Michigan FCCLA’s Vice-President of Membership. He attributes his passion and sense of hard work to FCCLA and what his FCCLA mentors have instilled in him. From the moment he joined FCCLA, he was surrounded by some of the most extraordinary people that he’s ever met.

How has FCCLA prepared you with 21st century skills for the real world?

Brian: “FCCLA taught me what it means to work as a team and how to apply critical thinking skills to solve problems in everyday situations. The interpersonal skills were key in developing as a leader, and the challenge of stepping out beyond my comfort zone allowed me to find my passions in life and grow in areas that a typical classroom setting couldn’t do. When you hear that FCCLA is the Ultimate Leadership Experience, it’s not just an eloquent tagline. It’s true, and there’s nothing else like it.”

Noah: “FCCLA prepared me with 21st century skills that will last me for the rest of my life, whether that is public speaking, advocating for something I believe in at the state and federal level, or even how to act in a professional setting. FCCLA filled the skills gap, giving me skills that so many employers look for, yet so few people have. FCCLA also gave me eleven of my best friends in the entire world, my fellow National Executive Council members, our adviser, and our stage director. Our friendship continues to grow as our time together passes. We still keep in touch, and even have reunions once a year or even more. Beyond all of the skills, education, and amazing memories that FCCLA has given me, I am most grateful for these amazing friends that I will have for the rest of my life. FCCLA is the reason I am the person I am today.”


Uriel Martinez, VP  of Membership

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