INSIDE: Be a STAR Through Competitive Events

Be a STAR Through Competitive Events

Stephanie Zhang, Vice-President of Competitive Events

Excitement. Creativity. Problem solving. Leadership. Advocacy. Recognition.

If any of these words spark your interest, I highly encourage you to compete in a STAR Event! STAR Event stands for “Students Taking Action with Recognition” and FCCLA first introduced these competitive events in July 1983. Ever since STAR Events began, more and more students have competed at the district, regional, state, and/or national level each year. Thousands of members across the nation participate in one of the 31 STAR Events that FCCLA has to offer with hopes of qualifying to compete in the national arena at the National Leadership Conference!

Each event is designed to help members develop specific skills in character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation. Check out these 5 reasons why you should compete in a STAR Event.

  1. Discover new interests, cultivate your passion, and get recognized on the district, regional, state, and/or national level for all your hard work. FCCLA has something for everybody, and I am positive that you will find at least one event that you find interesting.
  2. Make a difference in your family, school, or community through your project. Some events require you to present to other audiences, perform community service, or discuss a worldly issue, opening the door for you to leave a lasting impact through your work.
  3. Strengthen 21st century skills such as communication, teamwork, public speaking, leadership, time management, and organization.
  4. Potentially win scholarships to colleges and universities in partnership with FCCLA for certain events. FCCLA puts a focus on college and career readiness, and with a strong educational background, you can be successful in any pathway you choose through participation in a STAR Event.
  5. Refine career skills through FCCLA’s “Career Preparation” events, such as Fashion Design, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, or Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation!

STAR Events are a large part of FCCLA participation because of the impact they have had on some of my peers. Students who didn’t feel comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people or had trouble with procrastination (I know I’m guilty!) have transformed into confident leaders with strong work ethics. It’s truly a rewarding experience, and I have learned so much through competing as well. STAR Events have shown me that a hobby can turn into a passion, and through participation in Fashion Construction, I decided to pursue my passion for fashion after I graduate high school.

I hope you accept the challenge to participate in a STAR Event this year and showcase your knowledge and talents through a project!

To find more information and the 2015-2016 Competitive Events Guidelines, visit this link:

Stephanie Zhang, Vice-President of Competitive Events

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