INSIDE: Being a Good Role Model

Being a Good Role Model

By Victoria Connor, National First Vice-President

We can all think of at least one person who has impacted our life for the better. Whether that person is a coach, a teacher, a classmate, or even a parent, one person influenced you, inspired you, and led you on a path to becoming a better you.

Role models impact the way you make important decisions. As a result of those decisions, your life will be forever changed. They influence your day-to-day attitude through their morals and ethical leadership style and provide an example of how you should act, what you should strive to be like.

The most influential role model in my life is my adviser, Sasha Hartsuiker. She is a person I can go to for advice for anything that is on my mind or stressing me out. Mrs. Hartsuiker goes out of her way to ensure the success of every student. Her organization, professionalism, and class are reflected in her students as she teaches them skills for character development. Mrs. Hartsuiker’s optimism and positivity are contagious and inspire students to strive to be like her. Due to her talent and dedication in teaching Family and Consumer Sciences, Mrs. Hartsuiker has inspired me to pursue a career in Family and Consumer Sciences Education.

Role models like Mrs. Hartsuiker are essential to motivating and developing the leadership skills of young adults. They recognize the importance of guidance and are able to have an impact on your future.

Without role models, young adults would not have the guidance to embrace their strengths, recognize their weaknesses, and strive to improve their character.

Who’s your role model? Who can you be a role model for?

Victoria Connor, National First Vice-President

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