INSIDE: Cha Ching! Raising Money for Your Local Chapter

Cha Ching! Raising Money for Your Local Chapter

By Carter Bracht, VP of Finance

It’s that busy time of year when school has started, FCCLA conferences begin, and projects are put into motion. But what do you do when you’ve hit a roadblock and don’t have any funds to support these FCCLA activities? That is where fundraising comes into play!

Fundraising plays a critical role in the success of an FCCLA chapter. Without funds, you will not be able to participate fully in FCCLA conferences or programs.

Here are some fundraising possibilities:

  1. Host a supper at an athletic event at your school. You could serve walking tacos, soup, burgers, and more! Members could donate items to use for the event (which means that you’ll be able to earn even more money). These events usually have a great turnout!
  2. Find a fundraising company, and start selling. Work with your chapter adviser and research possible fundraising companies. Once you have secured a company, inform your members and start selling.
  3. Host a bake sale. Have members donate baked goods or bake your own as part of your Family and Consumer Science classes.
  4. Apply for an IMPACT Fund grant (for projects only). Don’t have enough funds to financially support a project? Fill out a simple SurveyMonkey form on the National FCCLA website and submit your idea for a possible grant!

And, most of all, remember these two things:

  1. Be sure to advertise! People will not know that you’ll be having a fundraiser if you do not let them know.
  2. ASK! It is OK to be turned down when selling items. You never know who will support your chapter unless you ask!

With creative ways to fundraise and great members to back up your chapter, it should be no problem to raise funds to fully experience The Ultimate Leadership Experience. So get fundraising!

And be sure to tag what your chapter has done on social media using #FCCLAuplifts.

Carter Bracht, VP of Finance 

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