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Chapter Showcase

By Kayla Gullickson, VP of Community Service

FCCLA chapters have already started to do projects that impact their community and their school members! The Brookings senior and freshman chapter have completed two big projects, both focusing on different national programs: FACTS and Student Body.


On Saturday, September 17th, the Run with the Cats 5K fundraiser event was held along with the Tiny Cats kid’s event. This is the third year that the 5K has been held in Brookings and the first year for the Tiny Cats event. The National Guard of Brookings donated a blow-up obstacle course, and the freshman members had fun activities for the kids to participate in, such as face painting, throwing activities, and jumping activities to keep the kids active and entertained. Both events were a huge success, and both chapters made their fundraising goals!


About a week later, the Brookings senior chapter put on their bi-yearly docudrama. The docudrama took place in a parking lot near the school and was a surprise event for the student body. The junior and senior students attended. This year, the chapter decided to base their accident on texting while driving and asked a family from a nearby town who had tragically lost their son to a texting while driving accident a few years ago, to speak. Different upperclassmen were asked to take place in acting in the docudrama and had their make-up done by students from the drama department from the university in town in order to look like they had just been in a car crash. The student body saw a depiction of their classmates right after the “crash” took place and then, after two students passed away, they attended a mock funeral held in their honor. The Brookings chapter enjoyed putting on this docudrama to educate their student body about the dangers of texting while driving. It truly can happen to anyone.

Kayla Gullickson, VP of Community Service 

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