INSIDE: FCCLA Speaks UP – Issues Facing Today’s Teens

FCCLA Speaks UP – Issues Facing Today’s Teens

By Shyamala Subramanian, VP of Competitive Events

Too much to do but not enough time? Here are some ways to handle your stress!

When the school year rolls around, most of us aren’t adjusted to hopping out of bed at the sound of our 6:00 AM alarms. For a majority of teens, “back-to-school” is synonymous with stress. Between balancing our rigorous academic courses, athletics, co-curriculars, and a busy social life, most students and FCCLA members barely have the time to focus on developing healthy relationships with others or our mental health. If you’re one of the many teens across the United States who finds yourself in this stressful situation, here are some helpful tips for how to cope.

  1. Remember that you are important. In between taking care of your responsibilities, remember to take care of yourself in whatever way is most effective for you. Light some aromatic candles, settle down with a good book, or break out your Guitar Hero II game and jam out! I challenge you to center your Power of One: A Better You goal around improving your mental health: set aside at least 30 minutes each day to do what makes you happy so that you don’t find yourself drowning in between soccer practice, math quizzes, and organizing the food drive that your FCCLA chapter is holding.
  1. Make healthy choices! The food that you consume can have either positive or negative effects on your health. Swap out Oreos for unsalted almonds, or water for soda. America’s obesity epidemic has proven just how easy it is for our health to slip out of our hands. Be sure to keep your body and mind in good condition by eating healthy, staying hydrated, and getting enough exercise!
  1. It’s OK to say no! Part of being a good leader is limiting yourself in terms of how much responsibility you can take on. If you ever feel your schedule filling up too quickly, remember that it is OK to remove something from your plate or to turn down an invitation if you don’t have the time.

Leadership is about your character, not your grades or performance in sports. If you find yourself in a difficult or stressful situation, speak UP!

Tell me about how you cope with your stress using the Twitter hashtag #FCCLAspeaksUP! Twitter: @FCCLACompEvents

Shyamala Subramanian, VP of Competitive Events 

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