FCCLA Week: Ideas on How to Get involved

Makayla Hendricks, National V.P. of Public Relations


February 7th-13rd of 2016 is FCCLA Week and it’s coming up next week! If you haven’t started planning fun and exciting things to do with your chapter, it’s not too late. This is a great week to get your members involved and promote FCCLA. Nationally we’ve given each day a theme and a goal for your chapter to participate in. Here are some additional ideas for celebrating the week!


If you’re not sure what a proclamation is it’s when a government official proclaims something official, like the official FCCLA Week. Getting your government official to agree to do this can be quite simple. Follow this proclamation sample to start your own proclamation going in your state! Once you have obtained a proclamation from your state or local government, please be sure to email a copy of the signed proclamation to and include your chapter’s information in the email so that we can share all of the proclamations. If you have a photo opportunity while your official signs the proclamation be sure to post about it on social media with #FCCLAweek!

FCCLA Week 2016 Events:

Monday – “Media Monday”

For media Monday you can contact your local media, be that news stations, newspapers, your school paper, school announcements, or even post posters in school, to promote FCCLA and share our mission with everyone! You’ll want to make your own voice, as well as encourage others in your state and chapter, heard in person and on social media. Post about your FCCLA experience and make a point to talk about it with everyone you see. Also, be sure to watch the NEC on the TODAY Show in New York City!

Tuesday – “Team Tuesday”

Team Tuesday is all about celebrating and thanking our partners. You can celebrate our national partner, Lead2Feed, by starting a Lead2Feed program in your chapter. Visit this link to see more information about Lead2Feed! You can also send thank you cards or gifts to the community members who sponsor your chapter. Let them know what their money is being used for and invite them to your next event.

Wednesday – “We Wear Red Wednesday”

Wednesday is for a TOTAL RED OUT!! Pull out every red item of clothing you own and throw it on! You can host a competition in your chapter to see who can wear the most red. Winner gets Red Vines! Red Out your school hallways! Use streamers and posters, hand out red suckers, all to promote your chapter. Take selfies and post them using the #FCCLAWeek so we all can see your outfits! This is also the day to recognize members in your chapter. Find a special way to say thanks and tell your members how awesome they are!

Thursday – “Thankful Thursday”

On Thursday we want to hear about your FCCLA Journey! Use social media to tell everyone why you’re thankful for FCCLA and use the #WhyWeLoveFCCLA! This is also a great day to share your thanks for your advisor, administration, and state staff. Surprise them with a small gift or a thank you card. They are what make all of this possible, they deserve some love!

Friday – “FACS Friday”

We all know how Family and Consumer Science has changed our lives. Friday is the day to prove how important FACS is in our education. Talk to your FACS and CTE classes and local colleges about majoring in Family and Consumer Science Education as part of the “Say YES to FCS” campaign. If you’re thinking of FCS education yourself, be loud and proud and share why you’ve picked the best career in the world!

We are all super excited for FCCLA Week and we can’t wait to see what everyone is up to! Be sure to use the #FCCLAWeek the entire week so we can see all the awesome things you’ll be doing! Follow the hashtag to see what other members are doing as well! Have fun and celebrate the Red!

Makayla Hendricks, National V.P. of Public Relations


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