INSIDE: #FCCLAattheTable Holiday Meals

#FCCLAattheTable: Holiday Meals

By Dedan McFadden, VP of Programs

‘Tis the holiday season! Here are a few tips for your upcoming holiday meals to make this holiday season the best yet. So grab a few of your friends and family, use these tips, and create some epic meals this holiday season!

  1. Bring a shopping list.

Always go to the store with a list, even if you’re just picking up a few basic items. A well planned list will ensure that you remember everything you need and will limit trips to the grocery store, while also keeping you on track with buying only what you need. That will really help you limit overspending and wasting food.

  1. Keep your meals simple.

The holidays can be a rush, and you may have many things on your plate (pun intended) with little time to cook. Don’t worry about learning new or complex dishes for this holiday season. Keep things simple, and don’t be afraid to use your slow cooker or Crock-Pot!

  1. Use foods that are in season.

Don’t just add pumpkin to your coffee and pie. Use seasonal produce in your recipes. It tastes better, it’s easy on your wallet, and it adds to the holiday spirit!

  1. Don’t forget physical activity.

Although a nap might sound like the plan after a large holiday meal, don’t turn down a perfect opportunity to go outdoors and get some fresh air. A walk after a meal will feel great and will give you some energy to continue the day.

  1. Spend some time with your friends and family

The holiday season is all about bonding with your friends and family. Plan a few family dinner nights where the entire family cooks a meal together. You can even invite some friends over, too. Always remember to show your friends and family love this holiday season. It makes your time with them even better!

Dedan McFadden, VP of Programs

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