By Stephen Goodman, VP of Membership

FCCLA has specifically aligned our STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) Events with four different career clusters: Human Services, Hospitality and Tourism, Education and Training, Visual Arts and Design. Each of these career clusters is associated with a list of suggested career fields. To help members prepare for the fields that interest them, FCCLA provides numerous opportunities that will benefit members in their future careers.

How exactly does FCCLA assist in career preparation? Let’s take a look at the Hospitality and Tourism career cluster as an example.

As you see in the image above, there is a clear description, and listed are some possible career fields that fall under the Hospitality and Tourism career cluster. FCCLA then provides opportunities to prepare for this career cluster through Financial Fitness, Student Body, and Leadership Academy.

For a more detailed preparation experience, members can compete in one of the listed Competitive Events. Of course, members can compete in a STAR Event that is not listed, but the ones listed will provide a better opportunity to prepare for their future career related to this career cluster. If a member were to attend a National Cluster Meeting, then they have the opportunity to compete in a Skill Demonstration Event. Either way, both a STAR Event and Skill Demonstration Event will provide opportunities for members to grow and prepare for their future careers.

FCCLA offers over 32 different STAR Events and 21 different Skills Demonstration Events that align with the four different career clusters. Through our various partners, members that do well in specific competitions have the opportunity to receive scholarships to colleges to gain knowledge from post-secondary education.

Remember to share your personal experiences with career preparation in FCCLA on social media using #FCCLAcareers.

Through members’ experiences in FCCLA and their knowledge from post-secondary education, they will be highly equipped to enter today’s workforce!

Stephen Goodman, VP of Membership

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