By Caroline Caldwell, VP of Competitive Events

FCCLA’s central focus on the family is a large part of what drew me to the organization originally. My family is an incredibly diverse group of people. Because of adoption, we get to see new perspectives that we wouldn’t get to experience otherwise. We’ve also learned to stick it out, and that family isn’t about DNA, but about love. We all love getting to learn more about ourselves and each other as we grow together.

Because we’re so close, my whole family has experienced FCCLA in different ways. My biological brother is a member, too, and my adopted siblings are also involved in meetings. I love seeing their passion for this organization that I love so much ignited by extension. I’ve grown closer to them all in intentional ways, too, with things like Power of One and travelling to various events with them.

If you want to get closer to your family through FCCLA, consider options like:

  • A STAR Event centered around the national program Families First
  • A Power of One project focusing on Family Ties
  • Using culinary skills you’ve gained in your classes to cook a meal together
  • Keeping them updated on what your chapter is doing
  • Host a family movie night with your chapter


Caroline Caldwell, VP of Competitive Events

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