INSIDE: #FCCLAgives: How to Lend a Helping Hand

#FCCLAgives: How to Lend a Helping Hand

By Alexis Peeper, VP of Community Service

 As an FCCLA member, I have always had a strong sense of family and giving back. With the start of the holiday season this month, what better organization is there to be a part of when our central focus is the family? The holidays are all about family, whether you are gathering to enjoy food, spending time with each other, or giving back to your community.

I am a strong believer in lending a hand to others in need because you never know what one little act of selflessness can do for someone. The holiday season is a great time to help families in need so they can enjoy the holidays as well! You never know if the sunshine you provide people will be what dries up their rainy day. Make sure to show your hard work and community service projects to those around you during #FCCLAgives month, and every month after.

Serving as the National Vice-President of Community Service, I have had many opportunities to help those in need. FCCLA is a great way to get involved in your community and is a valuable learning experience. My community has contributed to my success in FCCLA and has helped guide me to where I am today. Giving back is a great way to thank them.

Here are some easy ways to give back to your community:

  • Host a coat drive to collect coats, hats, and mittens for needy families.
  • Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter.
  • Collect toys for families who are in need.
  • Shovel snow in the driveways of elderly neighbors.
  • Host a food drive at a local food bank.

These are also great ways to advocate and create a good reputation for FCCLA while also giving back. Another great way to give back is to get started with our National Outreach Project, Lead2Feed. Work as a chapter through the Lead2Feed lessons, select a community needs project, and partner with a non-profit 501(c)3 to implement the project.

Just remember, no act of service is too small! You never know the impact your actions can make on someone. Be sure to share your chapter’s giving back activities using #FCCLAgives to !nspire others to get involved as well!

Alexis Peeper, VP of Community Service

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