INSIDE: The Fight for Family and Consumer Sciences Education

The Fight for Family and Consumer Sciences Education

By Monica Jones, National Vice-President of Development


You’ve heard it a million times.

“I wish my high school had offered a class where I learned how to balance a checkbook.”

“I can graph an inverse function, but I can’t file my own taxes.”

“High schools should offer classes where they teach life skills.”

“Kids? How do you manage kids and a career? I never learned that in school.”

Each time you hear these statements, you wish you could scream, “HELLO! There is something out there that teaches youth the basic functions of society and daily tasks! It’s called Family and Consumer Sciences!”

You and I have been exposed to the unending knowledge and opportunities Family and Consumer Sciences offers the students of today. Are you a high school senior who’s a little nervous about facing the real world of finance? With Family and Consumer Science education, you can take a course that focuses on all things finance: banking skills, filing taxes, and money management. Not sure how to communicate with your peers or how to serve your community? Interpersonal communications is a focus with Family and Consumer Sciences. The great thing about Family and Consumer Sciences is that there is something for everyone, no matter your career interests!

If Family and Consumer Science plays an important role in the success of youth, why does this career choice seems to be dying? The fight for Family and Consumer Science is a growing concern FCCLA members face. We have to stand together and show the world why we believe that Family and Consumer Science is equally as important as core classes. At the end of the day, if you can’t balance your family, career, and community, are you really being successful?

Whether you go to a school with 5,000 students or a school with 100 students, Family and Consumer Science is something that can benefit every student. This week, I challenge you to find a way to promote Family and Consumer Sciences within your school and community. This could be carried out by simply hanging up posters that provide basic information and Family and Consumer Science courses your school offers. Or maybe you want to make an announcement in a unique way by organizing a “course fair” where each booth is based on a different course option. Then allow students to attend and become aware of their options.

Work with your Family and Consumer Science teacher to find the right promotion for your school! Don’t forget to share with @nationalfccla what your promotional activity was and #SayYesToFCS on all social media!

By Monica Jones, National Vice-President of Development


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