INSIDE: Flex Your Financial Fitness at the FCCLA Store

Flex Your Financial Fitness at the FCCLA Store

By Carter Bracht, VP of Finance

While many of you are exercising your Financial Fitness knowledge by putting your money towards savings, it is still acceptable give yourself a little gift every once in awhile!

But what could you buy? How about some awesome merchandise from the NEW FCCLA Store!

The NEW FCCLA Store has been redesigned to help you get the FCCLA merchandise you want quickly and easily. From battery packs to polos, the store has you covered. The main page shows some featured products available for purchase. The tabs on the left cover all the categories and subcategories of products the store has for sale.

At the store, you can get chapter supplies, conference collectibles, electronic accessories, fashion apparel, gifts, graduation items, jewelry and lapel pins, and all of the official FCCLA uniform pieces. Links to Chefs Work culinary apparel and red blazer sales are also available on the website. Any orders over $50 include free shipping!

New to the store this year is the design studio, which allows you to design your own FCCLA apparel for your chapter! You can choose a preset logo, use your state affiliation logo, or design your own. With so many options, you can create just about anything that comes to mind.

One of my favorite new additions to the store is the FCCLA custom fleece fabric. The ultra-soft fleece shows the step and repeating pattern of the FCCLA logo. It comes as an individual piece of fabric, which measures 60” wide by 72” long, or 2 yards, which is perfect for you to create your own FCCLA tie blanket or anything else you can put your mind to. (The NEC loves using the fabric as capes!)

Be sure to visit to get all of your FCCLA merchandise!

Carter Bracht, VP of Finance

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