INSIDE: Getting Your Events Ready for NLC

Getting Your Events Ready for NLC

By Stephanie Zhang, VP of Competitive Events

We all know the feeling: the butterflies in your stomach, last-minute speech memorization, the “What if?” questions about whether or not your project will go smoothly in front of the judges, and the relief that washes over you after competing. As FCCLA members, we live for Competitive Events, and if you qualified to compete at the 2016 National Leadership Conference this summer, competing at your State Leadership Conference was only the beginning. Check out these tips for getting ready for NLC.

  1. Practice, practice, practice! – If you were a bit shaky while presenting at your state competition, keep practicing your presentation! Even if you feel like you aced it at state, just keep going over your speech until you feel like you can deliver it flawlessly. You only get one chance to do your best in San Diego, and you don’t want to have traveled all the way to the West Coast to give 80% when you could have put in the time to perfect it in the months prior.
  2. Get feedback! – Ask a friend, chapter officer, chapter adviser, or parent to hear your presentation, and ask for constructive criticism. By getting feedback, you can improve your project and develop your public speaking skills at the same time!
  3. Update your display boards or portfolios! – Whether you rushed to put together your project the night before or meticulously measured each picture, go back and review your display board/portfolio. It doesn’t hurt to reprint that one picture or back up each paper with a border. Do your best on it, and I’m sure the judges will appreciate your hard work!

Competing at your State Leadership Conference is amazing, but competing at the National Leadership Conference is a whole new experience, and you want to be as prepared as you can be. Be sure to take these tips into consideration while prepping your project for competition in San Diego!

Stephanie Zhang, VP of Competitive Events 

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