INSIDE: How to Get the Most Out of your FCCLA Experience

How to Get the Most Out of your FCCLA Experience

By Josh Sorbe, National President

FCCLA members and advisers often ask “What do you have to do in FCCLA to become a great leader?” or “What projects or activities help you become a national officer?” The answer is simple:  be involved.

Being involved in FCCLA means more than just being an affiliated member. Being involved means following updates from National FCCLA, participating in new programs, attending conferences, and more. Here are five tips for getting the most out of your FCCLA experience:

  1. Learn – In order to reap the benefits from the organization, learn about all it offers. Simply surfing the national website can help, as well as talking with your adviser and current members. Learn what our national programs are, what conferences we host, and the history of our organization.
  2. Take initiative – Once you learn about what FCCLA has to offer, sign up for a project (or better yet—create your own). If you see an issue you wish to address, step out of your comfort zone and confront it. Begin planning campaigns, recruiting new members, and making an impact on your family, career, and community.
  3. Travel – As impactful as your local chapter can be, it has a limited scope on the impact our organization really has. Attend a region, state, or national meeting with a Competitive Event. You will be exposed to thousands of youth leaders just like you, ready to take on the world. And traveling with your friends is always fun!
  4. Be inquisitive – If you have a question along the way, ask it. Curious about the current policies of the organization? Send an email. Want to know more information about one of your state projects? Send an email. Be curious, and always seek to know and understand more about FCCLA.
  5. Be an advocate – Once you reap the benefits of FCCLA (scholarships, leadership skills, friends, etc.), it’s time to give back. Tell your friends about FCCLA, and encourage them to join. Express your gratitude to your adviser and school administrators, and become an active alumni and associate.

In the end, everyone’s involvement in the organization will be different. FCCLA offers many different programs and initiatives.  It would be impossible to do all of them! But by promoting leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education in everything we do, our organization can grow and prosper, just like our members  So let’s get growing!

Josh Sorbe, National President

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