INSIDE: Kindness Matters, #FCCLAcares

Kindness Matters, #FCCLAcares

By Sydney Goldston, First VP

As members of FCCLA, we strive to improve our families, schools, and communities. Whether it be through community service projects, peer-to-peer education, or any of the other great opportunities available, FCCLA members are constantly finding ways to show they care!

FCCLA is the only Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) with family as its central focus. Our organization is a large network made up of advisers, members, and chapters who come together to form what we refer to as our “FCCLA family”. Families care, and so does FCCLA. The friends and mentors I have met through FCCLA are a constant reminder of this!

I believe that life is lived in small moments, and the little things we do for one another can have the greatest impact. Waving, holding the door open, or even something as easy as smiling could be the ray of sunshine to turn around someone’s cloudy day. Make sure to show your appreciation and care to those around you during #FCCLAcares month, and every month after.

Here are some easy ways to spread kindness in your community:

  • SMILE!
  • Place sticky notes with uplifting quotes randomly around your school.
  • Strike up a conversation with the kid who always sits alone.
  • Hold a food/clothes drive to help the less fortunate in your community.

Be sure to share your chapter’s Kindness Matters activities using #FCCLAcares to !nspire others to get involved as well!

Sydney Goldston, First VP

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