INSIDE: What’s Your Leadership Style

What’s Your Leadership Style?

By Allyson Monson, National First Vice-President

Have you ever wondered, “What is the perfect leadership style?”

Maybe you reflected on some of our greatest leaders of our time, such as Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey, and thought their leadership style is the best?

Have you ever thought of yourself as having the perfect leadership style?

Well, the truth is that whatever leadership fits your values and gives you the power to inspire others is the perfect style.

There is no cookie cutter leadership style. Each and every person has a different variation of his or her leadership.

To discover your perfect leadership style, start by taking an assessment test. In order to lead others, you need to be able to understand yourself. Taking an assessment will help you have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s a few links to websites where you can take a leadership assessment.

After you discover the true you, go out and act. Leaders don’t wait for the challenge to come to them.  They go out and find the challenge.

This year, the NEC hopes you can go out, find your leadership style, and empower others to make a difference!

By Allyson Monson, National First Vice-President

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