INSIDE: Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy

By Uriel Martinez,  VP of Membership

When you hear the word legacy, what do you think of?

You may think of our awesome FCCLA advisers. You may think about the talented state and national officers. Or you may think of someone’s reputation. The word legacy can have very different meanings, depending on what you are referring to.

Some meanings include:

  1. A gift by will, especially of money or other personal property
  2. Something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past

During your experience in FCCLA, what is the legacy you are leaving?

Rather than your legacy being defined by what you said on stage during a general session or your appearance while you were walking down a street with your red blazer, consider your legacy being defined by the actions you take to impact the organization. Whether you competed in STAR Events, took the initiative to start a community service project, or even joined as a shy 6th (me) or 9th grader, each little step or action you take in this organization is the start to your own LEGACY.

As we begin 2017, I challenge you to start thinking of new ways to continue building your legacy. Maybe you want to run for a local, state, or national position or even compete in a STAR Event. For current seniors, it’s never too late to make an impact. Take a look back at all of your years in FCCLA and reflect on the legacy that you are leaving behind for others to follow. Is there something you want to consider in your last few months with FCCLA (besides joining Alumni and Associates, of course)?

I wish you all luck as you search for your own future legacy.

Let’s make our mark through FCCLA!

Uriel Martinez, VP of Membership

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