INSIDE: Are You Ready to Make an IMPACT?

Are You Ready to Make an IMPACT?

Rohit Iyer, National Vice-President of Finance

FCCLA makes a huge impact in our lives and the lives of others, but did you know we also have an IMPACT Fund?

Earlier this year, the 2014-2015 National Executive Council started the IMPACT (Investments in Members and Partnerships and Assistance for Chapters and Teachers) Fund.  The purposes of the fund are

  • to advance and modernize FCCLA and Family and Consumer Sciences,
  • to provide opportunities for members to take action, and
  • to perpetuate a legacy that exemplifies our mission, purposes, and initiatives.

We’ve all heard it’s better to give than to receive, right?  The joy of giving to FCCLA is a true privilege for members.  Last year, my state executive council members all pitched in to buy supplies for a group to host an FCCLA at the Table meal.  It didn’t take much, but we were able to promote a worthwhile FCCLA program while having fun and building stronger friendships.

What could you do to contribute?

Giving financially to the IMPACT Fund will support efforts by FCCLA members to promote the mission and purposes that tie all of us around the country together.  We have an opportunity to foster enthusiasm in FCCLA and spread it to every community in the United States, and all it takes is one donation.  We can join together to really make an impact!

The 2015-2016 National Executive Council will be raising funds for this initiative throughout the year so that future councils can provide more funds and opportunities to members, chapters, and states.  At the National Cluster Meetings in Indianapolis and Dallas, members raised $827 through efforts including:

  • An NEC Meet and Greet for five lucky members at each NCM whose raffle tickets were drawn on stage by each NEC member! They shared coffee with the NEC and went backstage before the closing general session for a behind-the-scenes look at the conference!

For more information, visit the Grants and Scholarship section on the FCCLA website.

Be sure to apply for your chance to receive funds for a project that makes an IMPACT. The NEC is looking forward to seeing your exciting and creative ideas!

Rohit Iyer, National Vice-President of Finance

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