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Member Spotlight

By Dedan McFadden, VP of Programs

This month, the NEC would like to highlight Lawson Smith and Maryah Booker from Georgia!

Lawson and Maryah are currently juniors at Houston County High School in Warner Robins, Georgia. Although this is their first year in FCCLA, Lawson and Maryah did not hesitate to see what they could do to give back to the community that has given them so much.

Last fall, Lawson and Maryah decided to host an event called “Passport Around the World”. The event was created with the hopes of educating young people about the diverse cultures throughout the community and the desire to join families together for an evening of entertainment.

With the help of their school’s foreign language department and a local elementary school, local families traveled through the hall into several rooms that each represented a different country. In the rooms, families were treated to food, games, artifacts, and plenty of pictures. Each room was put together by local families that volunteered to represent their country of origin.

By involving local families, nonprofit organizations, and student volunteers, Lawson and Maryah declared, “Passport Around the World wasn’t just an event for students. It was an event that brought together an entire community.”

Lawson and Maryah have learned that with determination and a solid plan, giving back to the community can be quite rewarding. They have seen firsthand what it takes to be leaders and how being a leader can bring about the beauty of community togetherness.

FCCLA members, now it’s time for you to take the challenge.

How can you become more involved in your community?

Dedan McFadden, VP of Programs

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