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Member Spotlight 

By Dedan McFadden, VP of Programs

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This month, the NEC would like to highlight Mia Hallyburton from Georgia!

Mia is a junior at Oconee County High School, and currently serves as the Georgia State Historian. She has competed in Chapter in Review Portfolio and joined FCCLA because she aspires to become a teacher. Mia’s favorite part about FCCLA is character development. “FCCLA has taught me how to work with others, take care of and organize my responsibilities, and vital public speaking skills,” says Mia.

Mia recently put her skills developed in FCCLA to the test when she embarked on a journey to the Dominican Republic. Her group spent a week in the coastal town of Sosúa, where they tie-dyed shirts with a girls group that caters to elementary and middle school. The lesson behind the shirts was to show that just like each of the shirts was unique, so was each girl. While in town, Mia also helped paint a playground and participated in a bit of landscaping for a local school.

During the week, Mia visited the villages of Redemption, Muñoz, Esperanza, Islabon, and Ascuncion. In these villages, the group talked with the people, played games with the kids, and worked in a soup kitchen run by the women of one village. In her free time on the island, Mia explored the extensive and beautiful Dominican coastline and jumped off of the many waterfalls that surround the region.

Throughout her experiences in the Dominican Republic, Mia has gained new knowledge of what it takes to be a strong community member and has learned that even one person can impact the lives of others around them.

So, members, how can you impact the life of someone in your community?

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Dedan McFadden, VP of Programs 

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