INSIDE: Membership Recruitment for the Next School Year

Membership Recruitment for the Next School Year

By Nathon Taylor, VP of Membership

As the year winds down, it can be hard to think of new and refreshing ideas for what you can do next year, but fear not because there are plenty of membership recruitment ideas that you may have never heard of yet!

As a chapter, retaining membership at the beginning of the school year is extremely important. Instead of going three months during the summer without contact with members, consider having fun, low key events for your members to attend. Since summer is a busy time, be sure to get invites out early and don’t make it too time consuming for members. It’s summer break, so most students want something fun and relaxing, not hard and time consuming.

Recruiting members at the beginning of a year can also be difficult to do after a break from FCCLA and academics. While it can be difficult to recruit, homecoming is the perfect time to kick off your FCCLA year! Whether your school holds a parade, an inaugural football or volleyball game, or countless other activities, there are hundreds of opportunities to get the word out about FCCLA. Plus, at the end of the week, you can award all of your new and veteran members with a fun and exciting “Welcome to FCCLA” party!

Good luck in the next year FCCLAers! Membership is the foundation of our organization, so go out there and share your passion for FCCLA. Go For the Red!

Nathon Taylor , VP of Membership 

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