My FCCLA Story

By Brittany Hasting, VP of Parliamentary Law

My FCCLA story began when I took my first Family and Consumer Sciences course as a seventh grader. My teacher/adviser has a week worth of lesson plans about FCCLA, and then she follows up with teaching the basics of parliamentary procedure. As one of her life skills classes, we decided we wanted to participate in the STAR Event Parliamentary Procedure. After months of practice and hard work, I lead my team into competition at the Texas FCCLA Region I Leadership Conference. We advanced to the Texas FCCLA State Conference, but we sadly did not meet our goal of advancing to the National Leadership Conference. However, our drive to make it the next year was even stronger than before. Many hours were put into practice for Parliamentary Procedure my eighth grade year, and it paid off. At the 2013 Texas FCCLA State Leadership Conference, my Parliamentary Procedure team advanced to the National Leadership Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

While all National Leadership Conferences come with memories, my first one holds many of my favorites. In 2013 at the National Leadership Conference, I realized what I wanted my FCCLA story to be all because of one National Officer Candidate Speech. I had listened to many speeches, but when Emajae Clements stepped on stage and began speaking, I knew I wanted to be like her one day. As soon as Emajae was finished speaking, I turned to my adviser and said, “That will be me one day.” My journey as an officer began within a few months of telling my adviser my thoughts. My adviser then asked me later if I would like to fill in for an open office at my school. I never even thought about my answer. It was an immediate yes that helped me start my journey to where I am today in FCCLA.

During the 2013-2014 school year, I served as the Texas FCCLA Region I Vice President of Programs. I made a very easy decision to run for office again the next year, and I was given the privilege of being the Texas FCCLA State Vice-President of Competitive Events. The office meant a lot to me because I got to help Texas FCCLA members succeed in events that would change their lives forever.

In my mind, I had the “perfect” plan for the rest of my time in FCCLA. It consisted of becoming elected as the Texas State President my junior year and then a National Officer Candidate representing Texas my senior year. However, during my junior year, I was elected as the Texas Vice-President of Programs. While everything did not work out the way I wanted it to, I did learn a lot about the organization and myself along the way. Heading into my senior year, I was given the honor to represent Texas FCCLA as a National Officer Candidate and am now the National Vice-President of Parliamentary Law.

I wouldn’t change anything about my adventure through FCCLA because I have made lifelong friends and have gotten the honor of starting and finishing by attending the National Leadership Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. I hope you have had a great journey through FCCLA as well!

Brittany Hastings, VP of Parliamentary Law

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