My FCCLA Story

By Shyamala Subramanian, VP of Competitive Events

My FCCLA story begins with the NJ FCCLA State President who served when I was a freshman: Larissa, a rising senior with a cheerful disposition and fierce ambition.

As a freshman entering a high school of nearly 3,000 students, my direction in school, in terms of co-curriculars, was yet to be determined. I looked up to Larissa; her request for me to attend the first FCCLA meeting of the school year cemented my decision to get involved in the school’s chapter.

As the State Leadership Conference approached, my friends and I formed the junior Parliamentary Procedure team. My participation on the team led me to the State Leadership Conference, and then the National Leadership Conference that summer in San Antonio, Texas. Sitting in a room during the Opening General Session among 8,000 other young leaders who shared the same passion to serve wholeheartedly convinced me that within FCCLA, every student has the potential to soar.

Over the next few years, I continued to get involved in chapter and state-level initiatives, and I also served on the national Competitive Events Advisory Team (CEAT), an experience that convinced me that my words and actions had the potential to empower thousands of youth members across the nation. At the end of my first year on CEAT, I decided to run for National Office, with the support of my adviser, teachers, friends, and family.

Every single day, I feel grateful for this youth leadership organization and the opportunities it has given me. Most notably, I am thankful for the relationships I have formed along the way with students, teachers, parents, and advisers.

I firmly believe that there is a place for everyone within this FCCLA family!

Shyamala Subramanian, VP of Competitive Events

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