INSIDE: NEC Highlight – Where Are They Now?

NEC Highlight – Where Are They Now?

By Rylie Seaver,  National President

In this blog post, we are highlighting last year’s National FCCLA President, Josh Sorbe. Keep reading to see what he is doing this year in this edition of “Where Are They Now?”!

Where are you attending school?

J: I’m proudly attending the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD, as an NCAA D1 athlete. #GoYotes

What are you studying and what do you want to do with it when you graduate?

J: I’m majoring in business administration and political science with minors in marketing and criminal justice. What do I want to do with it when I graduate? That’s a good question (that’s asked at pretty much every family gathering). I’ll most likely further my education by attending graduate school for law or business, but after that, it is up in the air. My dream job is to be a political campaign manager.

What is the thing you miss most about being the FCCLA National President?

J: The people. I miss the other nine platinums, national staff, our stage director, and all of the incredible people I interacted with on social media and at conferences. FCCLA members truly are some of the most inspiring individuals I have ever met, and I am eternally thankful for the inspiration you provided me.

What is one goal you would like to accomplish in the next year?

J: Well, right now I am applying for summer internships in the Minneapolis and Kansas City areas for community development, communications, and politics. I would say my goal is to secure one and gain experience and make connections in the field I want to pursue.

What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring national officer?

J: To aspiring national officers, I wholeheartedly encourage you to let your guard down and show personality during the elections. People appreciate authenticity, and members want to see the true candidate that they are voting for. As a past candidate and national president myself, I would say that my biggest regret from my term is not simply enjoying the election process.

How did you spend the holiday break?

J: I spent most of my break training in San Diego (throwback to 2016 NLC!), but I got to go home for eight days to spend time with my family.

Josh Sorbe 

University of South Dakota ’20 

Political Science & Business Administration 

Men’s Swimming & Diving Team 

First Year Representative, USD Student Government Association


Rylie Seaver, National President

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