INSIDE: How New Jersey Made an IMPACT

How New Jersey Made an IMPACT

by Rohit Iyer, National Vice-President of Finance


This year, New Jersey FCCLA was able to assist members and advisers through a grant from the IMPACT (Investment in Members and Partnerships and Assistance for Chapters and Teachers) Fund by offering scholarships to attend the annual Leadership Boot Camp.  Members who received aid to attend the event were very grateful!

Boot Camp is an awesome leadership experience for members because they have the opportunity to experience the same level of training that NJ state officers receive while networking with peers from across the state and having lots of fun! The leadership trainers are part of New Jersey FCCLA’s alumni organization, New Jersey Friends of FCCLA, and they consistently help the state association so that members can continue to experience the same great benefits from FCCLA.  NJ members greatly benefited, and it’s all about the members!

This year, the focus of Leadership Boot Camp was on developing skills that apply to a multitude of careers and finding a career cluster that suits you.  In the past, Boot Camp has also featured material on college and career readiness.  Despite the valuable experiences members have at Boot Camp, attendance has usually stayed constant around 50-70 members.  This year, almost 120 members registered to attend!  New Jersey strongly believes that because of the IMPACT Fund and the interest that National FCCLA showed in the event, more members wanted to attend.

To apply for an IMPACT Fund grant, visit, click on the Grants and Funding tab, and fill out the online IMPACT Fund application.  It’s quick and easy, and it can help your members do something amazing!


by Rohit Iyer, National Vice-President of Finance

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