INSIDE: !nspired by FCCLA

!nspired by FCCLA

By Stephen Goodman, VP of Membership

Every year, thousands of members come together to rally around leadership. This year, we’ll all be !nspired by FCCLA at the National Leadership Conference!

The reach of FCCLA goes beyond its members and the National Leadership Conference. Numerous organizations have the opportunity to partner with this one-of-a-kind student organization. These partnerships can bring scholarship opportunities and assistance and resources to members in many ways. FCCLA continues to expand our partnerships, as these organizations see the positive impact that FCCLA brings its members and communities.

Members of FCCLA are provided leadership opportunities and are empowered to make a difference through their participation in their chapter and STAR Event! On the state level, members can participate in STAR Events for the chance to compete on the national level while attending state meetings, in addition to competing, members attend workshops, run for leadership positions on the state level, and much more! At the national level the competitions continue along with exciting workshops, Leadership Academy, the exhibit hall filled with colleges and partners, general sessions and networking with members. There is never a dull moment at the National Leadership Conference.

Members are given skills for life throughout their time in FCCLA. Networking opportunities and public speaking skills are a few of my favorites. Public speaking is one of the greatest fears of the general public, but FCCLA teaches members the skills they need to speak in front of others with confidence and ease. In addition, members are given the opportunity to take on responsibilities as they serve as chapter, regional, state, or national officers! Serving in these capacities within the organization teaches members problem-solving, leadership, communication, time management skills, and more. But with FCCLA, you do not need one of these positions to learn those skills. Any member of FCCLA can reach these heights!

FCCLA has inspired so many over the past 72 years, but this is just the beginning.

We all continue to be !nspired by FCCLA!

Stephen Goodman, VP of Membership

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