INSIDE: Perseverance


By Allyson Monson

Let’s talk about something that everyone seems to believe is taboo….FAILURE. We’ve all experienced it, but for some reason we all try and hide it. Why? Well it seems to me there is a piece missing in our character and the way we value ourselves. Our society focuses too much time on one straight path to success and not enough time on how to bounce back when you’ve fallen. Well today, I hope to shine some light on perseverance, and help you bounce back from wherever you have fallen!

To begin, let’s investigate what perseverance is:


steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Looking at that definition, it seems pretty simple. Although when you dig deeper, perseverance is anything but simple. The act of persistence despite the obstacles is often coined with the phrase, “The hardest battle you ever have to fight,” because it is a fight between who you are, and who you want to be. To help you, I outlined five ideas that are vital to practicing perseverance.

  1. Gain Inspiration From Famous Failures:  Understand you are not alone, and maintain a belief in yourself and your goals. Looking at stories of remarkable individuals who beat the odds and turned their failures into a monumental success can boost your optimism and irradiate your doubts.
  1. Focus on Short Term Victories: You need to make sure you focus on the little steps that take you to your big picture. If you only look at your goal as one big step, you set yourself up for disappointment.
  1. Banish Negative Thoughts: Take every doubt you have about yourself and your ability to succeed out of your mind. In order to practice perseverance, you need to have compete faith in your abilities.
  1. Be Ready for Your Mistakes to Make You Smarter: Along the way, there are bound to be mistakes you make. If you accept that early on and develop a mindset that stores this mistake, you can use that mindset to better yourself in the future.
  1. Maintain Enthusiasm: If you love what you do and truly want the end goal, start over and moving past an obstacle will be easier. Motivate yourself and remember why you started and who you want to become.

I hope you can apply those 5 tips to your current situation. Please remember, you only fail when you stop trying. The great Winston Churchill once said, “ Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking your potential.” I hope all of you can practice perseverance and unlock your potential!

Allyson Monson , Former First Vice-President 

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