INSIDE: Thanksgiving with the NEC

Thanksgiving with the NEC

By Brittany Hastings, VP of Parliamentary Law

Ten different people from very different backgrounds unite together to share their family’s traditions with you on this wonderful holiday!

Our day begins with a pancake and bacon breakfast in the great state of Texas with Brittany Hastings and her family. While they are eating, Lauren’s family is intrigued by the Macy’s parade. Yet again, viewers from all across the country are amazed by the performances put on by these talented men and women. Soon after, the eight other officers are busy in the kitchen as they help prepare their traditional Thanksgiving meal.

It’s time for the big meal. As we each implement FCCLA at the Table, we realize that our family is one of many aspects of our lives to be thankful for.

Now that everyone is finished eating, Kayla and Victoria enjoy a day of cheering on the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos. While they are being cheerleaders for their teams, Shyamala lays back for a Star Wars marathon with her family. Before too long, most of the officers and their families are taking a nap, but the few that remain awake are hunting or playing board games. No worries, we all manage to get in a smidge of Black Friday shopping before the day is over!

Each family has a unique way of celebrating Thanksgiving, but at the end of the day, we are thankful for many of the same things. Family plays such a prominent role in FCCLA, and as National Executive Council members, we hope that our traditions may provide insight as to how much we value time with our families.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, share what your traditions are by tagging us on Instagram or Twitter and using #FCCLAUplifts. Happy Thanksgiving!

Brittany Hastings, VP of Parliamentary Law 

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