INSIDE: Your Greatest is Yet to Come

Your Greatest is Yet to Come

By Rylie Seaver, National President

What makes something your greatest accomplishment? When do you decide, “I am living the dream”? How do you know? I believe that you don’t, as you can always aspire for more.

As a senior, I’ve had some amazing opportunities. It all started back in 7th grade. I didn’t have the most stable family, I certainly didn’t believe in myself, and I was incredibly shy. Yet I was driven by a passion to help others. I joined an organization called FCCLA. Immediately, I fell in love with the family it provided, the leadership opportunities it offered, and most of all, the way it changed lives. I decided to run for a chapter office. The day of the interview, I ran unopposed. Even still, my hands shook, my heart pounded, and I was so nervous.

As an officer, I was able to spend time changing the lives of my community. Making people smile was my sole priority. However, as time went on, my potential snuck up on me and I realized that I love being a leader. So, naturally, as a freshman I ran for a state office, and, to my surprise, I was elected. The following year, I ran for state president. This time the process was even harder because I was running against four of my closest friends. Even still, I was honored with the responsibility and the title.

I really felt I wanted to continue on this journey, and surprised myself by running for national office. This process is incredibly rigorous. It took me about 5 months to complete, and it required me to give a speech in front of many people if I made it to the top twenty. I gave my speech, I worked really hard, and I was not elected. When I found out, I cried, I was given some hugs, and I croaked, “Well, it’s a good thing I’ve got next year.”

Now, I’m writing this story as the National President of FCCLA, and I still haven’t slowed my momentum. Because of these experiences I’ve had, I will spend the rest of my life reaching higher, going further, and moving faster than I believe I can.

However, I know my success comes with a greater responsibility. I now know that my passion is in teaching others to soar over their biggest accomplishment. No matter where my future leads, I’ll be inspiring others to fly.

Rylie Seaver, National President

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