INSIDE: The Youth of Today Leading the World Tomorrow

The Youth of Today Leading the World Tomorrow

By Victoria Connor, First VP

We’ve all heard the Golden Rule, the rule that is passed down generation to generation, the rule that has influenced many of us: treat others the way you wish to be treated. One rule that most people may not have heard is the Golden Rule of Leadership: lead how you wish to be led.

Being a member of FCCLA, you are given the opportunity to be led by different styles. By learning from the positive and negative aspects of each leadership style, you can develop your own style of leadership that reflects the way that you were taught but uniquely represents your character.

You have been influenced by thousands of youth leaders across the United States and have made a difference in your community, no matter how large or small your impact was. FCCLA provides Unlimited Possibilities to change your family, your community, and your future so that the world we grow up in is impacted by professional, hard-working leaders who are working towards a common goal.

The influence you can make on others through FCCLA is more impactful than the influence your leadership abilities will make on your own life. Whether you are working for a small change tomorrow or a large change far into the future, you, a youth leader, an FCCLA member, can make an impact by working towards one common goal: to grow into strong, successful adults who form strong families by working to change ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Remember, through the Unlimited Possibilities we have been given in FCCLA, we are the changers. We are leaders. We are the future.

Lead for others and lead for the change that you wish to see in the world!



Victoria Connor, First VP  

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