Selling FCCLA 

By Shelby Lake, VP of Development

Finding a partner or sponsor for an event or project can be truly challenging at times. Use some of these tips to help unlock Unlimited Possibilities with a business in your community!

  1. Know the Business When looking for a partner for an event or project, you should look for a business that relates to that event or FCCLA. Once you have found a potential partner, do some work to find out everything about them. Get to know that business like you know your best friend. You will want to make sure that this business has some of the same values as FCCLA. When meeting with the business, reference back to your research and show them you care about their partnership.
  1. Benefits for You and Them So you might have them hooked, but you’ve still got to reel them in. Everyone loves positive benefits, and that’s why it is important to share them. Let the business know about the event or project you are doing and why it is benefiting the community. Next, tell them about how their partnership will benefit you. And lastly, give them their benefits of the partnership. What can you offer that no one else can?
  1. Start Local Smaller businesses in your community might be more likely to be a partner. You are giving them an opportunity to make an impact on the community. With the local businesses, you can continue the partnership throughout the years and grow along with the business.
  1. Share your Story Personal stories are what sell FCCLA to a business. Tell your potential partner about how you became involved in FCCLA. Answer the question, “Why do you what you do?” When you share your story with them, they will know that FCCLA is making a difference and that you are the right organization to partner with.
  1. Don’t Be Boring When meeting with the business, show them your enthusiasm and passion for FCCLA! Smile! Show that you are happy to be there and that you appreciate their time. Before meeting with them, practice what you are going to present. Make the presentation fun and entertaining
  1. Follow Up Show your potential partner that you appreciate their consideration and time. A simple thank you card could help to secure a partnership. Within the next week of the meeting, call or email the contact for the business about their decision. This shows them that you have professionalism and determination.

I wish you the best of luck in selling FCCLA!

Shelby Lake, VP of Development 

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