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#FCCLABucklesUP By Kayla Gullickson, VP of Community Service Last year, FCCLA released the newly revamped FACTS national program. FACTS stands for Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety. The program includes three units: People – understand and promote your role as a driver or passenger and keep yourself and others safe Vehicles – understand vehicle safety and the […]

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INSIDE: Flex Your Financial Fitness at the FCCLA Store

Flex Your Financial Fitness at the FCCLA Store By Carter Bracht, VP of Finance While many of you are exercising your Financial Fitness knowledge by putting your money towards savings, it is still acceptable give yourself a little gift every once in awhile! But what could you buy? How about some awesome merchandise from the […]

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INSIDE: Looking for National Recognition?

Looking for National Recognition?  Garrett Christiaens, Vice President of Programs   On the National Level, we know how hard you work throughout the year. You not only volunteer in your communities, prepare competitive events, fundraise, or run for leadership positions, but you also might take the time to implement a National Program in Action, and […]

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