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INSIDE: What’s Your Leadership Style

What’s Your Leadership Style? By Allyson Monson, National First Vice-President Have you ever wondered, “What is the perfect leadership style?” Maybe you reflected on some of our greatest leaders of our time, such as Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey, and thought their leadership style is the best? Have you ever thought of yourself as having […]

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INSIDE: Spotlights!

SPOTLIGHTS! Makayla Hendricks, National Vice President of Public Relations Member: Our member spotlight is Kendra Michael from the West Lyon FCCLA Chapter in Iowa. She’s done significant work in Haiti, selling duct tape flower pens to raise funds to pay for her travel expenses so she can help those in need. Once she got to […]

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INSIDE: ‘Tis the Season!

‘Tis the Season! Nathon Taylor, National Vice-President of Membership The time has come, FCCLA members! It’s the season of recruiting. With so many wonderful holidays just around the corner, this is an exciting time of year. (I love it.) The aroma of a just-cooked turkey and mashed potatoes is one of my favorite things, but […]

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