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Family and Consumer Sciences Knowledge Bowl


Family and Consumer Sciences Knowledge Bowl is a three-level, team competition that challenges students' knowledge of all aspects of Family and Consumer Sciences.

  • Family, Career, & Community Studies
  • Early Childhood & Human Development
  • Food Sciences, Dietetics, & Nutrition
  • Hospitality, Tourism, & Recreation
  • Fashion & Housing Design
  • FCCLA Knowledge

Complete information on the 2014-15 Family and Consumer Sciences Knowledge Bowl is included in the 2014-15 Competitive Events Guide.  The three levels of competition are:

  • Level I - National Cluster Meeting Ranking and Qualifying Test (to take place at one of the National Cluster Meeting locations)
  • Level II - National Cluster Meeting Competition Rounds
  • Level III - National Leadership Conference Invitational

Questions come from a variety of sources.  Preparation resources may include Family and Consumer Sciences textbooks, reference guides, content area websites, the FCCLA website, and other local or online resources.  

2014-2015 Knowledge Bowl Guidelines

Sample Level 2 Brackets



2014 National Leadership Conference Results

Congratulations to the top placing teams at the 2014 National Leadership Conference!

  • 1st Place: JP Stevens FCCLA, New Jersey
  • 2nd Place: Creighton Community School FCCLA, Nebraska
  • 3rd Place: East Central High School FCCLA, Indiana
  • 4th Place: Woodrow Wilson High FCCLA, Virginia

Honorable Mention:

  • Haysville Campus High East FCCLA, Kansas
  • Columbus East High FCCLA, Indiana


For more information regarding the NASAFACS Standards featured in the FACS Knowledge Bowl, please visit their website.

If you have any questions, please email


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