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2011-2016 National Outreach Project



Find out how YOU can get involved!

Each year Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc (FCCLA) establishes a National OutreachProject with a partner organization to reach to the community and help work towards a cause.  National Executive Council (NEC) members and other FCCLA staff members discuss and present ways FCCLA and another organization can work together on a National Outreach Project.

FCCLA's National Outreach Project is a national community service activity that gives our state delegations/members the opportunity to make a united impact concerning a need that the National Executive Council decides to address.  Participation from FCCLA members is optional.  When state delegations/members choose to participate, each state/member works with their local chapters and members to fundraise and collect items from schools and communities through service.  The goal of this project is to have each student get actively involved in making a difference by uniting together with the National Outreach Project.  FCCLA wants members to see and know first hand that even a small effort made by many can have a huge and positive impact on others.

FCCLA started the National Outreach Project at the 1997 National Leadership Meeting in San Diego, California where 38 states participated in donating over 6,000 various items to shelters/agencies in San Diego.  FCCLA continued the project at the 1998 National Leadership Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana where 46 states donated almost 10,000 items.  The focus of the project changed in 2000 to giving to a national charity instead of collecting items to donate.

The success continues year to year and today FCCLA is still working toward donating money.

Listed below are National Outreach Projects and their total amounts raised from past years.

1996 – 1997: 6,000 items donated to various shelters/agencies in San Diego, CA

1997 – 1998: 10,000 items donated to various shelters/agencies in New Orleans, LA

1998 – 1999: 10,000 items donated to various shelters/agencies in Boston, MA

1999 – 2000: Destination Outreach: donated items to 7 various shelters/agencies in Orlando, FL

2000 – 2001: Make A Wish Foundation $12,000.00

2001 – 2002: American Red Cross and AT&T: 167,577 minutes worth of phone cards to U.S. Military Service

2002 – 2003: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: $14,843.01

2003 – 2004: BUILD: Broader Urban Involvement and Leadership Development: $11,653.93

2004 – 2005: Do Something - Quarters from Kids (Tsunami Relief): $64,964.27

2005 – 2007: American Cancer Society: $652,466.85

2007 – 2009: Feed The Children: $435,277.14

2009 – 2011: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals: $508,815.25

2011 – 2016: Share Our Strength: $122,918.46

If you have any ideas for a future National Outreach Project or have any questions, please email


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