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Welcome Teacher Educators!

Thank you for all that you do on the university level to provide potential Family & Consumer Sciences teachers with information about Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.  The education that you provide is essential for their success in the classroom.

The Teacher Educator’s Newsletter and this section of FCCLA website is designed to keep you up-to-date with programs, meetings, and services of the national organization.  Be sure to navigate the website regularly for additional information and share current FCCLA information with your students. If there are any materials that we can provide, please do not hesitate to contact us at (703) 476-4900 or by email at


Newcomers Scholarships Available

National FCCLA invites you and your students to attend the 2014 Family, Career and Community Leaders of America National Cluster Meetings this November.  Scholarships for the conference are available to college students interested in becoming Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) advisers and Newcomers Program participants. The training provides tips on starting a chapter, developing a co-curricular program, and adviser management skills. Your help is needed in nominating students for the 2014 National Cluster Meeting Newcomers scholarships!  For more information and to apply, view and complete the application.  Deadline October 17, 2014.

2015 Newcomers Application Coming Soon!



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Activity taken from The FCCLA Guide to Preparing Future Advisers, available at the FCCLA Online Store.

Rewards of Advising Activity: Ask students to share stories of teachers and other adult leaders who influenced them during middle school and high school.  What characteristics did these people possess?  Discuss ways they positively influenced students.  In small groups, ask students to:

  • identify ways serving as FCCLA chapter advisers could boost the positive impact they will have on students’ lives
  • identify ways serving as FCCLA chapter advisers could improve their effectiveness as educators and help them address the National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences education.
  • Have small groups share their responses with the larger group, creating a master list as they report.
  • Conduct a general discussion about what they think motivates teachers to take on the role of an FCCLA chapter adviser.

Sample responses:

  • opportunity to know students better
  • chance to see students develop self-confidence, hidden talents, poise, and responsibility
  • improved student motivation
  • means to implement school-to-career elements and authentic assessment approaches
  • increased self-esteem knowing students are receiving more opportunities for growth
  • professional growth from working with administrators, community leaders, and other FCCLA advisers
  • opportunities for recognition from other faculty, administrators, parents, and community
  • association with other FCCLA advisers and staff.

The FCCLA Guide to Preparing Future Advisers CD

Teacher educators play a crucial role in inspiring and preparing future FCCLA advisers. They make it clear that FCCLA is an integral part of Family and Consumer Sciences education and provide information and resources that become the foundation for future advising success. This guide was developed to support these tasks. It has been developed over time with substantial input from teacher educators and FCCLA chapter advisers.  The CD includes information on chapter management, programming, and structure.  The updated guide is an interactive tool that demonstrates creative teaching techniques, while integrating FCCLA into the classroom.  To order online go to

National Consultant Team Available for Training

Are you looking for skilled FCCLA advisers to train your students and future FACS teachers? The National Consultant Team is here to assist you. Their mission is to empower, support, and train FCCLA advisers. For more information please contact: Leah Buller, Director of Membership,  at (703) 476-4900 or email

FCCLA Alumni & Associates

FCCLA Alumni & Associates membership is a great way for former FCCLA members, advisers, teacher educators, and others to stay involved in FCCLA!  Encourage your students to become involved in national Alumni & Associates.  They will receive Teen Times and national updates that will allow them to stay involved with FCCLA through college and into their first year as an adviser.  Visit!

Attention Teacher Educators!

Did you know that the FCCLA state advisers can assist you with providing state event dates and resources for your students?   To find your state adviser click here.


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