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In order to "Make Change for Babies, Greenwood High School FCCLA members gathered donated change in baby bottles. After approximately two weeks, members hosted a "baby shower" where they served cake and punch during lunch. At this meeting, all the bottles filled with coins were recollected. The total amount raised was $516.16, which afforded twenty large packages of diapers to be donated to the Arkansas Diaper Depot, an organization that aims to provide low-income families and their infants the diapers they need so that struggling families do not have to choose between purchasing food and buying diapers to provide for their young children.

North Clayton High School FCCLA, GA, held a F.A.C.T.S week, each day the chapter had a new fact or activity about Texting and Driving. To culminate the week a truck brought in from a junk yard of a teen that fatally died from texting and driving was set up outside with a sign over it stating you shouldn't text and drive. FCCLA members recited statistics about teen deaths and became zombies sending a message about texting and driving.

The Watford High School FCCLA Chapter, ND, raised $389.75 for Children's Miracle Network with their candy cane sales in December. For one week, they took orders and collected money for a message to be attached to a candy cane. The next week they assembled the messages to the candy canes with ribbon and delivered them during homeroom on Friday. This fundraiser was awesome. The chapter sold over 900 candy canes!

Enderlin FCCLA Chapter, ND, challenged the entire school including FFA and FBLA chapters to collect as many food items as they could to give to the local county food pantry. The other part of the project was to make a food sculpture out of their contributions. A total of 1400 pounds of food was delivered. The chapter also created a cookbook of fast and quick recipes using typical foods given out at the food pantry.

Cassville FCCLA, MO, members host a reception for community veterans on Veteran's Day. After the school assembly honoring their service, veterans were invited to the FACS room for cake and punch, and a lot of good company.

The Amery FCCLA, WI, along with the help of the Amery community raised $1,512 in cash and donations to send 42 care packages to our military soldiers serving overseas. To raise the money FCCLA students sold cookies and cupcakes during their lunch. They also had a dress down day for teachers who paid $5 for wearing jeans to work and received donations from the community.

Archer High School FCCLA, GA, served at the National Honors Society Induction ceremony on October 15, 2011. Students gained experience in food preparation, presentation, and customer service. They gained experience in baking cupcakes and in creating sherbet punch. They combined sherbet ice cream with ginger ale soda to create a tasty bowl of punch. Students learned to be presenting and serve at their best behavior.

Nashville Junior H.S. FCCLA, AR members and Marquis Johnson, the Arkansas State FCCLA President, celebrated National FCCLA Week and National CTE Month with a reception that included an anniversary cake and punch that was served to over 100 people. Eighth and ninth grade FCCLA members made the punch, mixed and baked the cake, made the frosting, helped split and fill the layers and helped stack the cake after chapter adviser Tammy Elliott decorated the cake.

Seminole County High School FCCLA, GA students created an exercise routine for strength building and aerobic activity for Pre-K students involving the use of balls. A ball was given to each of the 66 Pre-K students and they were encouraged to practice and exercise at home at least 60 minutes a day.

The Kansas State Association of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America received a grant from the Verizon Foundation. The grant total was worth $2,906 and will be used to help sponsor scholarships that will be awarded to Kansas FCCLA members this April at the Kansas State Leadership Conference. The grant was awarded after the Kansas Vice President of Public Relations, Ryan Haxton, applied through the Verizon Foundation website. The Kansas State Executive Council is very appreciative of this Verizon award.

The annual Sweetheart Dance held at Winchester Community HS was extra special this year for one high school senior, she was crowned Sweetheart Queen. FCCLA chapter members planned and presented this annual semi-formal dance to help raise funds to attend their state conference. There were approximately 270 students in attendance. Their greatest joy was the smile they received from fellow student Whitlie and her King, Andy. Members knew giving joy to even one person is worth all their work.

Warren County Middle School "Cares for Soldiers". Warren County Middle School FCCLA members collected 135 pounds of merchandise to package and send to soldiers overseas in care packages. The estimated cost of the merchandise and shipping expenses was $ 733.10. A total of 13 care packages were sent during a 4 month period. Cards and thank you letters were included in the care packages. Many letters of appreciation were sent by the soldiers receiving the packages.

The Harrisburg FCCLA started a Community Angel Tree for high school families in the Harrisburg community. This project was a partnership with other organizations in each of the Harrisburg School District buildings. The Harrisburg FCCLA chapter was in charge of providing gifts for students and their families in the high school during the Christmas season. Money was raised during a two-week time frame in which HHS students competed against other classes to earn a pizza party. With the competition and donation of gifts, the chapter was able to collect over $2,000. With the $2,000, students were able to purchase gifts for selected families. With the fundraising, members were able to provide gifts to over 40 individuals and twelve families in the community.

The Andes Central FCCLA Chapter, located in Lake Andes, SD, has been helping their community gain votes for We Hear You America Challenge. This challenge, sponsored by Reader's Digest, allows the community to receive money to help rebuild their park. Lake Andes's park is in need of new renovations. The equipment is hazardous for children to be playing on, and most of it is falling apart or broken down. The Lake Andes City Park is one of the oldest in the state. The park was first built 50 years ago and hasn't been renovated since. The money would be able to provide new slides and other equipment that would be safe for the children in the community to play on. The equipment would also be made handicap accessible. The online voting ends on March 1, which is when the winner will be announced. The first-place winner will receive $50,000. Lake Andes is currently in fourth place and will receive $10,000 if they can hold this place. FCCLA has been helping by holding vote-a-thons at the school. This allows community members and students to come in and vote online for however long as they like. FCCLA supplied snacks for the students and prizes for students who vote for a certain number of hours. The chapter has held three vote-a-thons to help aid the park. "The park is in need of new equipment and the vote-a-thons increase our chance of winning every time that they are held. Our community benefit greatly if we are able to win this contest," stated Bria Abdo, Andes Central High School Student.

On Friday, February 3, twenty-one Kelly High School FCCLA members were given a tour of the Kenny Rogers Children's Center in Sikeston. The Kenny Rogers Children's Center is a nonprofit organization that provides therapy and learning for children with occupational, physical, and speech disabilities. The Center has never charged a family for the services they received. The FCCLA members at Kelly High were privileged to see what activities the children at the center were taking part in on the day we visited. These activities range from speech therapy to playing games in a sensory enhancing room to improving physicality in the specially made playground. How does this successful organization stay up and running if it's all nonprofit? DONATIONS. Anyone can donate to the Kenny Rogers Children's Center. The members of FCCLA are collecting pledges up until the 24th of March, and we have collected $1000. As Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, we think that this is the least we can do.

Montgomery County Middle School FCCLA chapter has been involved in helping kindergarten and first grade students learn about the importance of eating healthy and staying fit. Chapter members gave a presentation about the new My Plate system. Since half of the plate is made up of fruits and vegetables, the chapter wanted to encourage eating these. As a result, FCCLA sponsored a Healthy Eating Contest to determine which kindergarten and first grade class could eat the most servings of fruits and vegetables in a two-week period. The winning classes received a healthy snacks party. Chapter members also had fun physical fitness activities for the elementary students to do, such as Freeze Dance. This project is part of the FCCLA national program, Student Body, which focuses on the importance of developing healthy eating habits and staying fit.

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